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101 Countries Before 50


101CountriesBefore50 travel blog was created in 2015 by Anita and Paweł with the aim to visit 101 countries before 50 (age). We show our readers how to travel to most amazing places in the world.

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About 101CountriesBefore50:

Within a few years we have managed to visit over 55 countries on 5 continents. Our target is to make our dream come true but we are not in a race. In order to see 101 countries calmly, unhurriedly and with unrestricted satisfaction, we need another couple of years. We absolutely not closed for countries in which we have already been to. Very often, we return to the places that amazed us.
Our blog is directed to people interested in independent travels in Europe and the farthest corners of the world. We describe our trips, write practical guides from the countries we have visited, write hotels reviews, share our insights and advise on how to organize a trip to your dream destination. We document everything with beautiful photos. Our goal is to encourage people to open up to the world, exit from their comfort zone and set off on their own dream journey of life.


* Our blog in 2017 was ranked 125th out of 500 best Polish Travel Blogs
* We wrote 100 pages e-book „How to organize your dream trip”
* We run couple of successful campaigns with companies from Poland and abroad (e.g. Lilienthal Berlin,, hotel reviews: Korolowa Chata in Poland, Zulum Hotel in Mexico, Agroturistic La Sorbelle in Italy)
* Visited over 55 countries on 5 continents


Forms of collaboration:

  • Individual study tours
  • Press trips
  • Giveaways/contests
  • Product reviews
  • Articles for digital or printed magazines
  • Selling physical products
  • Affiliate programs
  • Long-term projects
  • Sponsored articles & SM posts
  • Sponsored add space (links, banners)

Past collaborations:

  • Lilienthal Berlin
  • Korolowa Chata in Poland
  • Zulum Hotel in Mexico
  • Agroturistic La Sorbelle in Italy

Areas of interest

  • photography
  • coffee
  • books
  • trekking
  • cycling
  • running
  • football

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