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3rd Polish Travel Bloggers Meeting – our big success!

One of the most important events in the Polish travel blogosphere took place in the middle of April in Cieszyn. Nearly one hundred travel bloggers came from all parts of the country to share their experience, passion and stories during the 3rd Nationwide Travel Bloggers Meetings in Cieszyn. ONE HUNDRED! And it is only 1/3 of travel bloggers in Poland!

It was the first time when this event was organized within the framework of the Polish Travel Blogs project. It was a test that we passed with distinction!

Credit to 3 Bros' Hostel Cieszyn/ Český Těšín
Credit to 3’Bros Hostel Cieszyn

3rd Polish Travel Bloggers Meeting – Who?

Almost one hundred people with passion for traveling, reportage and journalism arrived in Cieszyn: solo travelers, travelling couples and travelling families. Backpackers, flashpackers and explorers. Photographers and youtubers. People who show how to make the dreams come true. But above all, people who show the beauty and diversity of the world. Who work very hard to make the ‘travel blogger’ a strong brand. Not only precious tips, daily diaries and stories can be found on their blogs. Most valuable content they share is inspiration, something that can not be exchange for money!

3rd Polish Travel Bloggers Meeting – Why?3rd TBM Cieszyn-14

The meetings in Cieszyn were initiated over a year ago by Kamila Napora and Paweł Osmólski. When they first came up with the idea in April 2015, they never thought it will grow so big! Before that we only met online, occasionally somewhere on the way and most of the time only in small groups.

The increasing need for the dialogue and a place where travel bloggers can share their ideas and knowledge offline, was one of the main reasons they decided to take it up to the next level, to the real life. It was the best idea of all times! These days Bloggers Meetings in Cieszyn are one of those events you have to participate in if you consider yourself a serious travel blogger.

We hope that the next editions will gather more and more people. The success of previous editions is the best motivation for us to keep trying to do it even better!

Profit and content

Karol talking about viral marketing
Karol talking about viral marketing

The meeting was a great answer to our need of sharing experience and ideas. We become a stronger group every day and that should be a very loud and clear signal for the market: travel bloggers can no longer be ignored. In the era when the printed word is slowly losing it’s importance and the level of publications’ content drops down dramatically, it is the bloggers who come into action. Our voice increases in the public media and daily press. It is only a matter of time for the blogs to replace the printed media. We have to be ready to face this responsibilty.

Taking part in the events like that helps us evolve and learn how to provide valuable content to our readers. It also helps to get to know the business better and get to know our audience. By sharing our knowledge we become serious partners for commercial market.

Those two days of intense brainstorming proved that we continuously seek to learn from each other. Topics for the disscussion panels were selected wisely by Hana and Przemek. It was the answer to the high expectations of the participants. We went through the viral marketing (thanks to Karol&Alex), SEO, social media, photography, video making but also discussed on how to produce a good content and most of all: how to provide professional service.

A little ‘coming out’

For Polish Travel Blogs it was the first offline opportunity to introduce the PTB project to other bloggers.

Tati from Polish Travel Blogs explained our mission and policy. She showed the potential and possibilities we create along with the invitation to join Polish Travel Blogs. We also had time to answer all questions and receive the feedback.


It is significant that for the third time the meeting took place in Cieszyn. You are probably wondering: why Cieszyn? The best answer is: beacuse we all feel there at home!

Thanks to the 3 Bros’ Hostel Cieszyn/ Český Těšín crew who worked very very hard to make sure the atmosphere is great and provided an outstanding service we want to keep coming back to Cieszyn!

But the weekend was not only about lectures, disscusions and theory. Thanks to Cieszyn authorities, the bloggers had a warm welcome in the City Hall on Friday evening and they took part in the night excursion to the Cieszyn Silesia Regional Museum. We were also invited to the wonderful bufet style dinner in the historical stables. The cooperation between travel bloggers, 3 Bros’ Hostel Cieszyn/ Český Těšín and the city of Cieszyn while organising the previous editions clearly shows that by working together we achieve more. In fact, during the whole meeting and soon after it Cieszyn was mentioned hundreds of times on blogs and in social media.

It is then no wonder that (unofficially) Cieszyn became the world capital of the Polish Travel Bloggers!

We hope that the experience and feedback we got after 3rd Polish Travel Bloggers Meeting will be the key to success in the future!

See you in October!
See you all in October!



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