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4ever Moments

4everMoments PTB

Jo and Alex Gasieniec

Road&train trips, photography and stories from Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
Married couple of life explorers and huge world madcaps. Best friends who went together for over 2 yrs journey through the world, meeting lovely people and capturing incredible landscapes, trying to keep all that special moments 4ever in their memories.

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About 4everMoments:

We are a couple of natural-born travelers who took their first breath in 1985 and never stopped exploring ever since! Decided to join our paths in 2002 and walk through the world hand in hand.

We love few-days-long train rides, can easily live on canned food, sleep in the car, get up at 5am and shower twice a week. We never leave the camera at home and always keep the Leatherman handy. We enjoy sharing our passion with others and saving the memories, so we started the blog to share & keep all those magic moments 4ever.


Our biggest accomplishment so far was quitting well paid jobs, leaving our comfort zone and setting off on the budget 2 yrs journey, to travel the world low & slow.
Throughout this adventure, we have been supported by the official website of our home town – Wroclaw, the European Capital of Culture 2016. We have also published our pictures with DMF, the regional photography magazine of Lower Silesia, and had the pleasure to cooperate with The Helicopter Line New Zealand, just to mention the most significant projects.


Forms of collaboration:

  • Study tours
  • Press trips
  • Product and services reviews
  • Photo sessions
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Printed and digital magazines
  • Social media promotions

Past collaborations:

  • DMF
  • The Helicopter Line New Zealand
  • Tasman Delta Cafe
  • ArtaTech

Areas of interest

  • Photography
  • Culture
  • People
  • Mountains
  • Train trips
  • Road trips

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