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About us

We are a group of influential Polish travel bloggers who have been active in the blogosphere for years. Traveling is a passion for each of us and additionally we love to share our stories, experiences, photographs and observations with our readers.

Having gained experience in travel blogging we also became professionals and we take our blogs seriously. New challenges related to blogging do not scare us, on contrary – they motivate us! Therefore we are always open to any offers and suggestions, as well as honest discussion on how to form partnerships with travel-related companies and organisations who are interested in cooperating with Polish travel bloggers. Moreover, we will gladly share our own ideas on how to promote your products and services in the blogosphere in a way which would be both satisfying for the customer and the bloggers, ethical and effective. Our belief is that only by setting common goals and agreeing on the best tailored actions we can achieve the best results.

So far, together with tourism boards, producers of travel-related goods and providers of travel-related services, we have carried out a lot of successful projects and campaigns that resulted in the increased visibility as well as interest in certain regions, products and services. When collaborating with our partners we are appreciated for both professional attitude as well as our commitment to the code of ethics. Being focused on honesty and long-term results we can make sure that all parties benefit from the cooperation: our readers, partners and ourselves.

We are a group of individuals who are experts in many fields, therefore we believe you will always find perfect partners for your project or campaign within the members of Polish Travel Blogs. If you are interested in cooperation with a group of us or certain individuals or seek advice, please do not hesitate to contact us!