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Code of ethics

As professionals we obey the following code as bloggers and publishers:


1. Our main goal is to develop our blogs in order to provide best content for our readers.
2. Terms and conditions of cooperation are to be settled professionally and mutual agreement will be respected.
3. My statistics (number of followers, UU, clicks) will be always accurate.


1. My content is based only on personal experiences and trips that actually took place unless stated otherwise.
2. My content and opinion will always be honest and my readers will be always the most important.
3. My content based on commercial cooperation will be marked, if both parties agree on that.
4. Copyrights and moral rights of other will be always highly respected.
5. I reserve right to protect my content from influences that could compromise my credibility.


1. Any cooperation is welcomed as long as it fits to the profile of a blog and meets expectations of a blogger.
2. I will seek to set expectations of both parties clearly before start of the cooperation.
3. If during the cooperation our expectations will accrue to be different after all or anything will not go according to previous settlements I will seek to solutions that will satisfy both parties.
4. Both parties are expected to fulfill their obligations professionally and according to settled schedule including payment.
5. Every work is expected to be paid.