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French Riviera Attractions

French Riviera Attractions was created in 2014. It’s the biggest source of information about French Riviera and Provence in Polish language. Blog is updated on regular basis. New entries are posted weekly. Author is a Pole living in Nice.

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About French Riviera Attractions:

I live in Nice on beautiful French Riviera and I’m a guide for Polish and international tourists. On my blog I write about everything what I see in the south of France. I have already written about the most important cities, attraction and walking tours from the Italian border to Marseille. On my blog you can find the top places, like: Monaco, Monte Carlo, Nice, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Avinion and Arles. Thanks to the excellent position in Google, almost every person who search something about French Riviera and Provence, will be a guest on my website. This is the biggest opportunity for every marketer who search a place for showing their products.


Preparation guides for fans visiting France during the EURO 2016 and ensure full stay in France for groups during this event.


Forms of collaboration:

  • Individual study tours
  • Press trips
  • Books & ebooks
  • Lectures & workshops
  • Product reviews
  • Long-term projects
  • Sponsored articles & SM posts
  • Sponsored add space (links, banners)

Past collaborations:

  • Le Petit Marseillais – cosmetics from Provence
  • LuxuryTrip – luxury travel
  • Luxury Concierge – luxury travel
  • Wycieczki do Francji – travel to France
  • GoEuro – trains, buses and flights in Europe

Areas of interest

  • Photography
  • Electronic gadgets
  • Visiting cities
  • New technologies
  • Local food
  • Testing new products

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