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łukasz kędzierski: travels and photography

łukasz kędzierski - traveler, photographer, storyteller, blogger

Łukasz Kędzierski

Travel and photography blogger. Photography is the most important part of my travels. Very often it is the main reason to visit new place. For last 3 years we travel with our small child (Nadia in travel) to show that it is not hard and everybody can do it.

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About Łukasz Kędzierski: travels and photography:

I prefer to travel by my own without tourist office. Simple clean room not hotel, family restaurant, local transportation – everything to be more close to people of the country that I visit. During my trips I meet people to get know their stories, their way of being happy.
Photography is very important part of my travels. I really enjoy to find a good spot to take a photo or take a part in some celebration to make interesting photo reportage.
Second part of me is outdoor sports. I’m a rock climber, speleologist, diver. Recently I like canyoning very much.
I write stories from the trips: stories + photography makes totality reportage.

Lately we travel with our small child. Nadia is three years old but she has visited a couple nice places: Malaysia/Singapore, Thailand/Cambodia, Denmark, Czech Republic, Sweden. I write a stories about our family travels to show other people that everybody can travel with children and it is not big deal.


Long term project (Nadia in travel) about traveling with a child to far away countries in Asia and close countries in Europe. Based on our stories a lot of families decided to start to travel with their children.
My photographs were shown on some photo exhibitions and published on paper travel magazine. I took a part in some radio programs about travels. I’m a storyteller so I made a lot of presentations about my travels on festival and meetings.


Forms of collaboration:

  • Photography trips
  • Individual study tours
  • Product and services reviews
  • Books & ebooks
  • Articles for digital or printed magazines
  • Sponsored articles & SM posts
  • Press trips
  • Brand ambassadorship

Past collaborations:

  • Tourist Israel
  • Ambraham Hostels

Areas of interest

  • Photography: nature, lanscape, reportage
  • Outdoor: climbing, diving, canyoning, caving

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