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It’s been one year since the launch of Polish Travel Blogs!

Nineteen new blogs, three successful cooperations, two bloggers’ meet-ups and a lot of new contacts, people and ideas – this is the result of launching Polish Travel Blogs one year ago. Started as a place to present and showcase our travel blogs, the website grows to be a successful platform for connecting companies operating in travel industry and tourism organisations with bloggers interested in cooperation.

We grow

The website was founded in January 2016 presenting thirteen blogs about travels. Currently, there are thirty two blogs and every month we are happy to receive new applications. The range of topics presented by our bloggers is extremely wide – from budget to luxury, from solo through couple to family travels, from walking through bikes, hitchhiking and buses to plane trips. We have members traveling with pets, expats, foodies, and excellent photographers. We present skilful writers and videobloggers as well.

We work

Polish Travel Bloggers in Slovakia
The first official cooperation under the auspices of Polish Travel Blogs was a successful press trip of our three members to Slovakia in order to discover the beauty of Slovak Paradise National Park, Košice region and Košice city itself by train. Polish Travel Blogs was represented by Kamila from Kami and the rest of the world, Paweł from Osmó and Joanna from 4ever Moments. The program od the press trip provided for many fantastic attractions such as touring Košice at night, spotting the trains going through the largest rail hub ‘Margecany’ and walking through the old train tunnel. As a result they published five articles on their blogs, accompanied by Facebook and Instagram updates during and after the press trip, which was aimed at making the audience aware of such gems, which are not far awsay from the Polish border. The readers’ feedback was outstanding. A beautiful summary was also published on Košice Region Turizmus website and we expect more projects to follow.

Ewa from visiting Santa Claus in Rovaniemi
At the end of 2016, we were contacted by, an online tour agent, who was looking for a blogger to promote visiting Santa Claus in Rovaniemi in Finland. Ewa from Daleko niedaleko was a perfect person to go and show, that not only children but also adults can have lots of fun exploring Christmas Village. As a result, she published two blog posts on her own blog, as well as a story on eSky’s blog. During the trip she was constantly updating her Facebook fanpage, providing visibility to eSky. The blogger got a lot of positive feedback from readers, who declared their interest in visiting Lapland.

Finally, Kamila, the author of Kami and the rest of the world, was part of the campaign #K700, organized by Czech Tourism to commemorate 700th birth anniversary of Charles VI. She visited small towns in south Czech Republic – Jihlava, Telc and Trebic. As a result of this collaboration she wrote three blog posts about each destination as well as promoted Czech Republic in her social media channels. The audience was happy to discover the three gems of the Czech Republic through Kamila’s blog.

We share

Travel Bloggers’s Meeting in Cieszyn

During last year, two travel bloggers’ meetings were organised in Cieszyn under the auspices of Polish Travel Blogs. The meetings were aiming not only at letting the bloggers get to know each other and mingle but also to share their knowledge and experience. We teach, we learn, we discuss and we profit from the cooperation between us.

What’s next?

We are constantly developing and expanding in order to facilitate the cooperation with Polish travel bloggers even more. We plan to take part in various travel fairs in order to present Polish Travel Blogs to the potential partners. We negotiate with various tourism organisations and companies, working on new projects for our members. In April this year, a Transboundary Travel Blogger’s Meeting in Cieszyn will take place, which is again supported by the Polish Travel Blogs. We expect that the next year will be even more exciting than the one which has just passed.


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