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Polish travel bloggers meet in Cieszyn for the fourth time

Once again remarkable and creative people sharing a common interest in traveling met on a special event – the 4th Nationwide Travel Bloggers Meeting. The meeting took place, as always, in Cieszyn where people from all over the Poland came for an amazing weekend filled with stories, conversations and meetings.

Even though autumn it is not the best time to meet in Poland, because a lot of those who love to travel go to Asia or Australia and other exotic destinations, still over fifty bloggers had an opportunity to get to know each other better in Cieszyn.

4th Nationwide Travel Bloggers Meeting

What happened in Cieszyn?

The weekend started at Książnica Cieszyńska where the mayor of Cieszyn formally welcomed the group. The meeting is a big event for the municipality of Cieszyn because it is all over the participating bloggers’ social media channels. The fact, that it is the fourth time that the meeting takes place in Cieszyn shows the importance of a long-term cooperation between local authorities and travel bloggers.

The next step was the introduction to informal part. Chwytak, a famous Polish youtuber, introduced each and every blog to the audience in an uncommon way, translating the blogs’ names into the dialect from Cieszyn.

Participants were also invited to visit Archeopark in Czech Republic as well as to meet representatives of local community with huge knowledge about the area, who divided the bloggers in smaller groups and organized presentations for them. All of this would not have been possible without the support of Cieszyn authorities and VOLENS Foundation.

Getting to know each other

Photo: Michał Godlewski,
Photo: Michał Godlewski,
This is the most important and valuable thing in this meeting. To meet in real life those people who we normally recognize only basing on their avatar photo, their stories on their blog or from the online chats. Finally one can meet them face to face and talk the whole weekend. Although it was already the 4th meeting and many of the bloggers have already known each other, there was still a lot of new people to get know.

Long late evening and night conversations helped the participants to know each other better. It completely didn’t matter if they on foot, by bikes, cars or planes, solo, with their family, friends, mom, dad or dogs. It is not important if they create stunning videos, take incredible photos or write inspiring your stories. The most crucial thing is that all of the participants share the same passion: traveling.

Sharing ideas and knowledge

Photo: Michał Godlewski,
Photo: Michał Godlewski,
The formula of this event it is not only to meet and get to know each other but also to share knowledge and ideas. The main point is that everybody can ask questions and learn during the meeting. No matter how famous the blog is, how many followers it has on social media and how many readers, every author is welcome to participate in the workshops covering various topics of interests: from preparation of travel presentations, through good practices in cooperation with companies, tips on how to write a travel book, to ideas what should be placed in the camera bag. Other panels included topics related to technology such as SEO, video editing and software, what also attracted a lot of attention.

The advantage of the meetings in Cieszyn is their open and encouraging atmosphere. The participants not only take advantage from the workshops but also share their own knowledge, allowing others to learn as well. The common purpose of everybody is to improve, not to compete at this moment. The feedback from the participants shows that at the end of the sessions they feel empowered, full of new ideas, ready to work even more on their blogs. This is exactly the reason why Polish Travel bloggers organize such an event twice a year.


This was already the second Nationwide Polish Travel Bloggers Meeting officially organized under the auspices of the Polish Travel Bloggers. As always, we were supported by the owners of 3 Bros’ Hostel Cieszyn/ Český Těšín. Everything was set up perfectly. Panels and workshops were as always on a high level, informal talks were equally important and all of the participants got back home with a big smile, wonderful memories and even better ideas. We believe that every event is better than the previous one so we cannot wait to the spring to meet once again with Polish travel bloggers.

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