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Tur Tur Blog


Tur Tur Blog

Tur-tur Blog is the oldest, well known and trusted source of information about Turkey and life in Turkey in Polish blogosphere. Since 2005 I have been writing about my everyday life, work and travels in Turkey.

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About Tur Tur Blog:

Blog about my life, work and travels in Turkey (and also different countries). I have started to write in 2005 when I moved to Turkey and I have been writing ever since, publishing more than 600 articles. I explain cultural differences, customs, turkish language, holidays etc. My idea is to break stereotypes about this country, explaining tolerance and cultural diversity.


In 2011 together with a friend I’ve wrote a book about Turkey. 2nd edition & e-book were published in 2015 as a self-publishing. In November 2016 I got awarded by the Immigration Museum in Gdynia, Poland, as „the best Blog of Polish Immigrant”. I was choosen by the Embassy of Poland in Ankara as a member of Consultative Counsive of Polish living in Turkey. I published in many places like NG Traveller, polish newspapers, interviews with me appeared in the polish press, blogs, web portals, radio and television, for example in turkish TRT radio, Australian SBS Polish Radio, New York paper Nowy Dziennik. I co-created travel guide about Turkey (Pascal). Tour guides working in Turkey use informations from my blog in their work!


Forms of collaboration:

  • Individual study tours
  • Press trips
  • Guest posts
  • Giveaways/contests
  • Product reviews
  • Books & ebooks
  • Lectures & workshops
  • Articles for digital or printed magazines
  • Selling physical products
  • Affiliate programs
  • Long-term projects
  • Sponsored articles & SM posts
  • Sponsored add space (links, banners)

Past collaborations:

  • I was not cooperating with any companies before

Areas of interest

  • Travellings
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Food & Healthy cooking
  • Music
  • Books

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