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Marcin Wesołowski

Cultural and social reportages from around the world. Luxury and slow travel of a full-time employee, who believes that telling stories of places and people is even more interesting than reading a guidebook.

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About Wojażer:

Marcin Wesolowski, born in 1985 in Krakow. I am a graduate in Cultural and American studies at the oldest Polish University. In my everyday life, I work in business, running a network of hotels in Krakow, the most known city in Poland. I have always tried to somehow connect my private and professional life in the way that would make me happy. That is why I have been traveling a lot in the past seven years. I believe that ideas brought from abroad just open our minds and help in running business as well as  living a happy life. Nothing in my life influenced me more than a moment I decided to move to China where I lived and worked for some time.

Saying that I write about traveling is in fact just a cover up. I don’t really care if going from A to B via C will save anyone any money. I don’t do a budget traveling either. What really interests me are stories behind places I visit and people I meet. I believe that telling stories from all around the world, writing passionate travel reportages, might be as much valuable as guidebooks. In the end, we all try to do the same – inspire people to go for world or at least to learn about it.


My biggest achievement is the business, which I am managing in Krakow, a place full of passionate people, who all traveled around the world and now bring their experiences to our customer service awarded by TripAdvisor since 2010.

When it comes to the travel writing, I have been a guest and lecturer in various meetings in my city and across the country, including Wachlarz 2015 , one of the biggest travel events in Poland.


Forms of collaboration:

  • Product reviews
  • Study tours
  • Press trips
  • Books, ebooks and leaflets
  • Digital and printed magazines
  • Copywriting
  • Products and services reviews
  • Social media promotions
  • Brand ambassadorship
  • Project sponsorship

Past collaborations:

  • Guest lecturer at universities in Krakow
  • Speaker at travel event – Wachlarz 2015
  • Speaker at women business conference – Wenusjanki 2015

Areas of interest

  • History, culture and social matters
  • Travel reportage
  • Human interest stories
  • Local products and wine tasting
  • Food and culinary heritage

Monthly statistics

26 000 unique users

37 000 page views

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